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Beta-test Tutoriel photoshop

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Beta-test Tutoriel photoshop Empty Beta-test Tutoriel photoshop

Message  samuel/wvsyc le Lun 6 Jan 2014 - 13:12

Bonjour les gens,
Je suis en train de me motiver pour faire un tuto sur photoshop
si quelqu'un est motiver sa serait simpa de me donner vos avis.
seul béhémole c'est en anglais ^^
bonne lécture Wink 


hum. will try to explain step by step what i do :]
*will probably do a tuto on mx*

Step one lights :

    [item] First import the original angle in ps[item] Then add a new layer (ctrl+shit+n)[item] Select the brush (the key b)[item] Select the white color on the left side[item] Near the top of the window reduce the opacity between 5% and 10% (you could clic on the word opacity and go left and right to go faster). don't touch the mode (normal) and flow (100%).[item] Now adjust the size of the brush with alt+right_clic on the screen. go left and right to adjust the size.[item] you could also change precisely the size and other stuff with right_clic on the picture. for exemple in my 1920x1080 screens i use a master diameter between 450px and maximum size available.keep the hardness at 0% (0 for smooth, 100 for harsh).[item] Use the brush in this new layer (check on the right side you are on the right layer). I use the white color for the background (fog effect). improving the light strength at some point. and in general the white is suppose to catch the eyes. it could be use on the car for exemple. don't be shy with this brush, you could put a lots of white the result is always surprising in the end (it will look like a nova blast o,o)

side note : i use this brush configuration for light and shadows. 5/10% opacity and size 480px

Step two, shadows :

    [item] Add a new layer (ctrl+shit+n)[item] Select the black color. you could switch between foreground color and background color with the key x[item] Use the brush in this new layer. i use the black color to hide stuffs in the corners. in general when it is black the eyes don't focus on the details. for the shadows i recommend a wide size brush. don't go wild with the shadows, it could reduce significantly the quality and the colors.

tips : between the light and shadows, try to do a gradient from one corner to the opposite side. it look good most of the time (technically a great combo with the curves. curves are explain later)

Step tree, curves :

Beta-test Tutoriel photoshop O1so

In the bottom right clic on the button new adjustment layer. then select curves.

Beta-test Tutoriel photoshop 2u73

Something like that will appear. at the top there is a list with RGB/Red/Green/Blue.
In our case select red. clic on the middle of the red line. a point will appear. you could add many points.
to remove a point drag it to the corners (top right or bottom left).

when you drag the point to the top left corner there is more red. when you go to the bottom right corner there is less red. in this exemple i have use one point for the red line and two for the blue line.

if you look closely there is a gradient from black to white at the bottom and on the left side of the graphic.
In the bottom left corner we will work on the colors near black. And in the top right corner we will work on the colors near white.

in most case light is white/yellow/red (hot colors). in most case shadows are black/blue/cyan (cold colors).
now let's do some math with the color. R = Red, G = green, B = Blue.
R + G = Yellow. G + B = Cyan. R + B = Violet.
RGB - G = R + B = Violet

Step four, levels :

In the bottom right clic on the button new adjustment layer (same way as curves). then select levels.

Beta-test Tutoriel photoshop Mfzy

Something like that will appear. in the graphic at the top, select the grey arrow placed in the middle of the line with the tree arrows. when you drag it on the left, the screen goes white. on the right the screen goes black.
in our case go a little on the right to boost the contrast (the default value of the grey arrow is 1).

then go to the bottom line with the black/white gradient. select the black arrow and go between 10 and 30.
what happen when i do that ? i reduce the amount of pure black color. to make it short all the black colors or near black colors we see in real life are most of the time a kind of dark grey.

and now the final adjustment. select the white arrow on the line that contain the three arrows.
go a bit on the left, it will boost the light.
end :]

exemple made with this tutorial

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Beta-test Tutoriel photoshop Empty Re: Beta-test Tutoriel photoshop

Message  junivince le Lun 6 Jan 2014 - 16:11

ah intéressant , jlirais ca quand je serais en forme ^^


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